Teachers – Let’s Put the Story Back into Learning

The Reader

Remember how you became a teacher or a lecturer because you were enthusiastic about your subject and you wanted to share that with the next generation?

Here’s your chance to spread that beyond your own classroom – we are looking for educators with a flair for writing.

We want to publish short ebooks (maximum of 15,000 words) on subjects that are relevant to the Scottish Curriculum in  school or to students in college or university.  Think of the stories in your subject – that’s what we’re looking for, the tales that grabbed your attention when you were learning.

There are good textbooks out there, “how to pass the exam” books, but we are looking for something that goes a little deeper; ebooks to inspire learners.

We want you to write the book you would pass on to your students to say: “you should read this if you are curious to find out more.”

If we accept your book, we will distribute it on Amazon Kindle and all the other major ebookstores. Your payment would be 50% of net income received.

You provide us with a fascinating book, and for our part we will edit it, design a cover, convert it into ebook format and distribute it. We will also create a page for your book on our website.

If you are interested, send your submission using the form on this page. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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