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Man-at-TypewriterFifteen Grand Words


That’s what we are looking for. 15,000 words, and they do have to be grand. And they have to tell a story-we like stories here at The New Curiosity Shop. Your 15 Grand Words must carry the reader from the first word to the last, wondering where the time went.

We have a number of themes we are exploring, so if you have an idea that meets our criteria we would like to see it.

Curious About

Everyone is curious about the world and the Universe around us;  that’s why we’re looking for new writers to help us develop this theme.

We’re looking for informative and entertaining non-fiction ebooks – narrative non-fiction, if you will – on subjects you know and love well. It could be a story from: history; science; nature; current affairs; biography; music; literature – we’re curious about it all.

Surprise us.

We’re not looking for dry and dusty, we’re looking for  non-fiction page turners to grab your readers; leave them wanting more. Above all, bring your subject screaming to life.

 Your ebook may contain pictures, but above all, we are looking for the J K Rowlings of non-fiction who can tell a good story.


Curious Life
 Have you a tale to tell from your own life, something to inspire, enthral and entertain us?

Or perhaps there is someone you know or someone from history whose tale should be told. 

Curious Tales
 Collections of short stories, or one 15,000 worder – whatever you have to offer.

Make sure your stories have a strong narrative thread, mind, and characters to love, hate or want us to be.

We have a penchant for stories that take reality and give it a good shake to see what falls out of its pockets. 


15 Grand words?

Ok, to be clear, 15,000 words maximum. If you prefer a range to work to, let’s say 12,000 to 15,000 words.



If you are interested, send your submission using the form on this page. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

We will let you know as soon as we can whether we want to take your submission further. If we do, we will ask you to submit a complete manuscript for consideration.

We’re excited by the possibilities this offers, and we’re sure we haven’t thought of all the angles, so your thoughts are welcomed and encouraged.

We are curious to see what you send…

The New Curiosity Shop team.

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