Let’s Build a Human Being

Let’s Build a Human Being


Suzannah Stacey

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Let’s Build a Human Being is a fun physiology book with a difference. Whilst textbooks inform you about each of the organs of the body and their functions, this straight forward book goes one step further by looking at the reasons behind the intricate design and biological processes that are present in the human species.

Written with a light touch, the book examines the structure and function of the human form by starting from the drawing board and exploring the issues that arise when designing and creating each of the component parts that contribute to a working human being. By examining the issues that arise during this process, you will gain a clearer understanding of the reasons why the physiology of the human body is organized as it is.

The chapters within ‘Let’s Build a Human Being’ cover an understanding of how and why we breathe; how we digest our food; the purpose of the blood and circulatory system; the structure of movement; and how we have achieved the means to reproduce. The complex subject of nerves and nerve function is explained using analogies and a problem solving approach, giving the reader a more intuitive feel for this complex topic. The workings of each of the major organs, including the liver, kidneys, and of course, the skin are included in the book, which outlines the adaptive processes that streamline each body organ to work smoothly within the united structure that comprises a human body.

The book is an enjoyable beginning in the study of physiology, laying an excellent foundation in the study and understanding of how the body works. It is ideal reading for those about to undertake academic study, or who wish to understand a health issue, or simply for those who would enjoy reaching a greater understanding of how we function.