Curiously Updated

We’re finally underway with our first ‘official’ collection of short ebooks. We have

Maggie-Wall_250x400Maggie Wall—The Witch Who Never Was

This book investigates the mystery of one of the most astonishing monuments in the British Isles, never mind Scotland.

Puzzles_250x400Curious About Puzzles

Real brain testers and mind stretchers from a Puzzler of great skill.


How International Football Started: Scotland v England 1872

a delightfully told story of the origins of international football.

They’re a great addition to our first books released, Sounds in the Silent Air and Let’s Build a Human Being, so things are getting with a great start.

We’re letting the dust settle while we gather our thoughts, and we look forward to an exciting 2014. We have some new additions to our catalogue in the works, and we are looking forward to releasing those in the New Year. We also have some ideas to take our books to places never previously explored.

So, relax, take your time, curl up with your favourite ereader and enjoy some great little books for Christmas and the New Year.

All the best,

-Noel Chidwick, The New Curiosity Shop