Evolution of The New Curiosity Shop begins here…

The New Curiosity Shop is evolving. Times change, people grow, events happen. We’re changing the website to reflect our transition to an e-publishing company alongside the online courses.


It doesn’t take much to realise that there is a big overlap in writing and developing an online course and an e-book. And now that the Kindle and its peers are appearing all over the place, on beaches, trains, planes and in bedrooms, it makes sense for us to bring our skills into this arena.

Our first foray is with a banner we call Curious About. We’ve got a great pair of books already available:

Sounds in the Silent Air 


Let’s Build a Human Being

so click along and download to your favourite electrical reading device.

Sounds-in-the-Silent-Air800x600We have more books in the works, and we are now actively looking for new writers to join us. We are looking for short non-fiction page turners- find out more at: Write for Us.