Learn in Your Sleep – with your iPhone

brainEver wanted to learn in your sleep? Forget playing a tape beside your bed, just switch on your iPhone and slip it under your pillow when you go to sleep.

All you need to do is download and install a new application for the iPhone – iSleepLearn. Once installed you copy over any online course via Bluetooth, and click on Learn. iSleepLearn will then scroll through the course reading out the contents quietly.

But here comes the clever bit. When iSleepLearn comes across a quiz it triggers the iPhone to transmit a weak signal at 45Mhz – just the right frequency to resonate with the wave pattern of the sleeping brain. This then generates a dream in the sleeper, and asks the questions. The sleeper responds – in his sleep – and iSleepLearn passes the answers on to the learning Management System ready for checking.

Based on the work of Dr Carl Mangus of the Institute of Freidleberg, SleepLearn Version 2.0 will feature DreamForum, where the learning sleeper can participate in a forum in his dreams with other learners in their dreams, anywhere in the world – and no-one need be awake. Like SecondLife, only sleepier.

Later versions of iSleepLearn will include iSleepWrite, where a sleeping student can write a report in iSleepLearn, and post it to their tutor – and all before waking up.

Here at the NCS Online College we are developing a version of our Astronomy courses to run via SleepLearn, available in 2009, at midnight on 31st March. Other courses will follow.

Contact us here for more information and if you are interested in our beta testing programme for iSleepLearn.

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