Looking for Tutors

What is the NCS Online College?

The NCS Online College was established to provide high quality online courses in a wide range of topics. At the NCS Online College we encourage learning for the sake of learning, and our short courses are designed to stimulate thinking, provoke questions and provide opportunities for our students to explore ideas.

We see the Internet as an ideal medium to connect people from all walks of life from all over the world and to learn together. At the NCS Online College we believe in learning enhanced by technology, not driven by technology. At all times students can contact the tutor and their fellow students, and many of the learning activities take advantage of the communication tools of the Internet: it’s ‘online learning with the personal touch’.

We are at the very beginning of this adventure and we are looking for online tutors to join us: you could be one of our tutors.

What kind of tutors are you looking for?

You could be a school teacher, college or university lecturer or professor looking for ways to develop and share your interest in your subject. You will be excited by the challenge of enthusing students who could be anywhere in the world.

This is an ideal opportunity if you work part-time as an educator.

You could be a writer who sees this as an opportunity to explore and develop your ideas expressed in your books.

You may be a consultant wishing to expand your services. Possibly you might run a small business and see this as a way to add value for your customers.

Essentially, you need:

  • Subject knowledge
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Teaching experience (need not be online teaching)
  • Basic computing skills (you can use the Web, e-mail and a word-processor), and
  • You will be educated to degree level

Where are you based?

The NCS Online College is based in Edinburgh, Scotland – but we are looking for tutors from all over the world.

What subjects are you looking for?

We are open to suggestions, anything from say, the origins of the Zyrian language back to Aardvark Appreciation. What we don’t want are basic computing courses, or yet another course on ‘How to use Microsoft Word’.

A course at the NCS Online College should explore the real world. For instance, we are actively looking for course tutors on topics related to the environment.

We do not currently offer qualifications or accreditation, but we are in discussion with relevant bodies with a view to including accredited courses in our catalogue in the future. So, if you have an idea for an accredited course we would still like to hear from you.