Looking for Tutors

What does an online course look like?

A typical course at the New Curiosity Shop is a nominal 20 hours long. A student would be given three months to complete the course, but would be encouraged to work at a rate of around 4 hours a week. The course space is left open for a calendar year. A group of students begin together, and as the tutor you guide your group through the course.

A course consists of written materials, plus accompanying media and interactive multimedia. There could also be other ‘offline’ resources such as books or other materials. Each course has its own discussion space which you can use to set group activities. A vital factor in a course at the New Curiosity Shop is the range of activities that you set the students, both online and in the ‘real world’.

Part of your role as a tutor will be to advise your students on how and where to continue studying.

How do I develop a course?

Our approach is to build a course as a partnership between the New Curiosity Shop and you, the tutor.

If you are accepted as a tutor/writer we will send you our course development guidelines, and we will work with you to develop your course. In return we get a quality course that helps us build a reputation for providing exciting and thought provoking learning.

Who supports the students?

You do. You know your subject and material best of all, and you can bring your personality into your online teaching to support your students.

We provide guidelines on how to support a course when it is running, detailing what is expected from you as a tutor at the New Curiosity Shop.

How much do I earn?

Once your course is developed and published on the Learning Place, your income is drawn from your role as tutor. The income from the student fee is shared equally between you and the New Curiosity Shop.

What do I do now?

If you are interested in becoming an online tutor/writer we need to know a little more about you. Essentially we need to know that you have the skills, knowledge and commitment to write and support an online course.

We ask you to provide:
1) your CV (including the names of two referees) and a photograph, if possible;
2) a sample of your writing (minimum 500 words). This could be course notes you already use, articles or essays on your subject, or a sample chapter from your book;
3) a paragraph description of yourself which explains why you are the ideal tutor for your course, and what skills and experience you have to offer;
4) the title of the course (or range of courses);
5) a one paragraph description of each course you are proposing; and,
6) your contact details.
send an e-mail with this information: if you and your course are acceptable we will send you a copy of the New Curiosity Shop course writers’ guidelines, and contact you to discuss a course development plan.
If you have any further questions, Send an e-mail or phone +44 (0)131 208 1900 (UK office hours). We also use Skype: username, newcurioshop.

We look forward to hearing from you
– the New Curiosity Shop Online College