Data Protection


We at the New Curiosity Shop are committed to protecting your rights with regard to any information that we collect from you. In particular we comply with the Data Protection Act, 1998 which sets out the following eight principles.

Data must be:

  • processed fairly and lawfully;
  • obtained for one or more specified purposes;
  • adequate, relevant and not excessive;
  • accurate and kept up-to-date; and,
  • processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects.

Data must not be:

  • kept for longer than is necessary;
  • transferred outwith the European Economic Area (EEA) without consent.
  • Appropriate technical and organisational measures must be put in place to ensure data integrity.
  • In order to meet the requirements laid out above we will:
  • observe the conditions regarding the fair collection and use of personal data;
  • specify the purposes for which personal data is used;
  • collect and process personal data only to the extent that it is needed to provide the requested service to you or to comply with any legal requirements;
  • ensure that personal data is accurate and current;
  • only retain personal data for as long as is necessary;
  • ensure the rights of individuals for which we hold personal details can be fully exercised under the Data Protection Act;
  • ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place if and when personal data is transferred outwith the EEA; and,
  • take appropriate security measures to ensure that personal data is safeguarded.

Personal data held

There are various categories of user visiting the New Curiosity Shop and the information held will depend on their status. Click here to view a summary of the types of data retained for the various categories of user.

We do not receive or store any credit card information. This information is taken and processed on our behalf by the secure servers of PayPal and you should read their Privacy Policy before enrolling on a course at the New Curiosity Shop. They may need to transfer some information outside the EU area for the purposes of credit card authentication and validation.

Requests concerning personal data

You can ask what personal information we hold on you. Our details are available on our Contact Us page. Once we are confident of your identity we will provide you with a readable copy of the personal data which we keep about you. There is a small charge of £5 to cover the administration costs.