15 Grand Words – Write For Us

We’re on the lookout for new writers to join us, and we’re expanding our themes. Alongside Curious About for narrative non-fiction, we’re adding Curious Lives and Curious Tales. To find out more visit our Write for Us page. We look forward to reading what you have to offer…  

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Teachers – Let’s Put the Story Back into Learning

Remember how you became a teacher or a lecturer because you were enthusiastic about your subject and you wanted to share that with the next generation? Here’s your chance to spread that beyond your own classroom – we are looking for educators with a flair for writing. We want to publish short ebooks (maximum of 15,000 words) on subjects that are relevant to the Scottish Curriculum in  school or to

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Puzzles available in all your favourite ebookshops

Paul’s Puzzles is now available at all the choicest online bookshops – go to Puzzles and find the very online bookshop that you are looking for and download it from there. What could be simpler, in the dark, damp, soggy days.

The Start of International Football is Everywhere

Andy Mitchell’s book on the origins of International Football is now our for your Nook, from  Apple Books and from Kobo. You now have no excuse not to read it. Your reward? You’ll know the result of the first ever game between England and Scotland. Friends will flock. No really, it’s a great read that had me hooked from the start. Head to: How International Football Started.  

The Witch Who Never Was is Everywhere

Geoff Holder’s book on one of Scotland’s witch mysteries is now available on Barnes & Noble website, Kobo and Apple iBooks. You’ll find some exceptionally useful links on : Maggie Wall: The Witch Who Never Was.  

Curiously Updated

We’re finally underway with our first ‘official’ collection of short ebooks. We have Maggie Wall—The Witch Who Never Was This book investigates the mystery of one of the most astonishing monuments in the British Isles, never mind Scotland. Curious About Puzzles Real brain testers and mind stretchers from a Puzzler of great skill. How International Football Started: Scotland v England 1872 a delightfully told story of the origins of international football. They’re a great addition to our first books released, Sounds in the Silent Air and Let’s Build a Human Being, so things are getting with a great start. We’re letting the dust settle while we gather our thoughts, and we look forward to an exciting 2014. We have some new additions to our catalogue in the works, and we are looking forward

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New Books in the Works

We’ve been so busy working on our new round of short ebooks, that we haven’t been keeping up with this blog.  Let me just take a few minutes to say that we are looking forward to our first round of ‘official’ releases, due out on or around the 30th November. Can’t say much more – too busy reading, editing, formatting… But please do join our mailing list if you want to be in on the know. Or follow us on Twitter.