Evolution of The New Curiosity Shop begins here…

The New Curiosity Shop is evolving. Times change, people grow, events happen. We’re changing the website to reflect our transition to an e-publishing company alongside the online courses. It doesn’t take much to realise that there is a big overlap in writing and developing an online course and an e-book. And now that the Kindle and its peers are appearing all over the place, on beaches, trains, planes and in

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Let’s Build a Human Being

We have just released our second ebook under the ‘Curious About’ Banner. It’s available via Amazon as we speak.

New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh

Noel Chidwick, one of the partners of The New Curiosity Shop has recently published an ebook. New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh is a collection of tales never before revealed: from the Mysterious Lollipop Man enticing innocent cyclists to their peril, to the enigmatic Professor MacIntyre. There is the Man Who Waited, and the true story of the peculiar rock in Craiglockhart Dell. It’s available at Amazon for the Kindle

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YouTube – What Pi Sounds Like !

What Pi Sounds Like !

Solar Blast en Route to Earth

You can’t beat a dramatic headline! The Sun is starting to develop one or two sunspots after a few years of quiet and is producing solar storms to match. There’s one erupting at the moment, and will be making its way towards Earth over the next couple of days. This means we could be in for a display of Northern and Southern Lights – the Auroa Borealis. If the sky is clear at night, make sure you take a look – we might be in for a good display. See: Sky and Telescope

Science is Vital

Today it was announced that two scientists at Manchester University were awarded the Nobel prize for Physics (see Materials breakthrough wins Nobel). Meanwhile, the Coalition Government are threatening cuts to the very lifeblood of this country, by cutting funding to science research. Such short-sightedness fair takes your breath away. As it says at Science is Vital: “Investing in research enriches society and helps drive the economy. It led to our preeminent position in the 20th century, and will be vital in meeting the challenges of the 21st century whether they be in energy, medicine, infrastructure, computing, or simply humanity’s primal desire for discovery.” If you want a simple analogy, if a farmer sells his fields, where does he grow is crops and what does he eat next year? Of all

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The iPad – a real device for learning?

The iPad. At last: a bit of learning technology kit that won’t get in the way of learning. Finally, a device that will actually enhance learning, and in my particular interest, online learning at home. The iPad – just slip it out from under the pile of newspapers, or brush off the toast crumbs, and switch it on. Get learning. Don’t worry about opening files, switching windows, updating virus checkers, hunting directories, or any of the other myriad of confusing things that make using a PC such a trial. Switch it on, and get on with it. It does only one thing at a time, and it looks so simple to use – no distractions. When learning, however you are doing it, the medium should be transparent. If you have

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