Tae the Immortal Memory

A happy Burns’ Nicht tae ane an’ a.’ We’re looking forward tae oor haggis and champit neeps and tatties and we hope you can join in too. If none of this makes any sense to you, may we recommend a visit to the online Scots dictionary. And if that rouses your interest in things Scottish, why not try a course of Scottish History with the New Curiosity Shop. If tonight

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More Ancient Treasure Recovered

It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were reporting on the find of the biggest Anglo-Saxon treasure horde to date. Now a beginner with a metal detector has unearthed £1,000,000 worth of iron age golden torques. Under Scottish law, the four torques, estimated to be worth around £350,000 each, can be claimed by the Crown as archaeological objects. However, the finder is likely to be compensated with their monetary

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Crash On The Moon

In the small hours of tomorrow morning, NASA’s LCROSS spacecraft will crash land on the moon. The craft will be deliberately hard-landed in two sections providing data about the composition of the lunar surface. NASA TV will provide live coverage and you can find out more on the Spaceweather site.