What is Online Learning?

You are not Alone

Online learning can sometimes be a lonely experience, but not here. You will be joined on your course by other students and learn together through the course forum and, on some courses, shared activities. At the New Curiosity Shop geography is not a barrier to learning: you could meet students from all over the world, from Auchtermuchty to Zibo.

Active Learning

Unlike many other elearning courses, a course at the NCS College is not just reading a screen. You will be given tasks and activities to undertake in the non-virtual world beyond the computer monitor. After all, the computer is only the means to an end, a tool to help.
Once you’ve completed your task you can share your success with your fellow students, and give your tutor the warm glow of satisfaction of knowing that you have learned something new.

What next?

Don’t just sit there looking at these words, why don’t you:

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