What They Say…

We also asked: “What as the best thing about this course?

“The amount of information at each stage was just right so that the student does not get overwhelmed by too much detail. I have enjoyed it.”

-SA, Scotland

“…you were all fab and very supportive. Thank you.”

NS, England

“Enjoyed it. Thanks. Let me know when there’s an advanced course!”

MB, England

“I appreciated the help and advice that the tuotr has given me.”

AF, Australia

“Thanks for this introduction, I look forward to deploying and using Moodle in practice.”

IR, Isle of Man

“thanks again for making it so accessible and easy to follow 24/7. 🙂 ”

MD, Northern Ireland

“I’ve learned a lot through participating in an online course as a learner. Hoping this improves my e-educator abilities.”

CA, Scotland

“I like the fact that I can log on and view the course materials at any time as I think that the practical aspects of this particular course can’t be rushed. But I shall definitely follow up the tutor’s book recommendations and research the material further. Thank you 😉 ”

JW, England