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We have a blog. We’ve taken a while to get round to setting one up, but we have finally taken the plunge. What we didn’t want to do was to create a blog just for the sake of having a blog. After all, there are millions of blogs out there: what would be the point of adding another one?

The NCS team thought long and hard, and we realised that one of our main failings is alerting folks out there about what we do, and this blog is one of the ways we are working towards getting our message out.

It also solves another problem. From time to time we come across news items, websites and other bits of information that are relevant to adult learning and online distance learning in particular, and we don’t really have a place to bring them to other people’s attention. Now we do.

Lastly, it’s also a great place to mention news and information relevant to the subjects we offer. It may be a touch serendipitous, and at other times a ad random, but we’re curious folk here at NCS Towers, and we never know what might catch our interest.



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